Packaging Design

Based on your basic details, our experienced designers will design a packaging tailor-made to your needs with respect to sufficient product protection and at the same time adequate mass of protective materials.

Since we have experience in using different types of materials, their production and shape options we can choose the optimal material in optimal shape and with suitable internal filling. The internal filling fixes and even absorbs external impacts same as the internal packaging, which protects from weather conditions as well as deformations caused by external forces. Thus your product is sufficiently secured during transportation or long-term storage in the exterior or interior.

Also in case of oversize packaging we provide a preview of the packaging in 3D version and we can precisely define the external dimensions and weight of the packaging as well, which are data necessary for timely ordering of oversize transportation and arranging permits necessary for this type of transportation.


Many years of experience make us experts in packaging solutions

About the Sydam s.r.o. company 

We are a dynamically developing company established in 2013 by people with long years of experience in the packaging industry field. Our aim is to optimise the packages of our business partners, either by using the most efficient packaging or by simplification of the actual packaging process.

We do not strive to sell the package - we seek improvement of the packaging material as well as the packaging process. We are  not looking for customers, who will buy packages but business partners, whom we will help with the packaging process at their company. This leads us to the fact that we approach every single potential business partner with individual care and each draft packaging meets exact requirements for packaging.

Professional service equally goes without saying, either in case of designing a new packaging or customer service for the existing projects.

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